Each new season can present an opportunity to refresh your routine.  And as summer days come to an end and cooler temperatures arrive, your skin may have different needs entirely.​​

1. Drink more water.Hydrating from the inside is the foundation to glowing skin.  More water can improve skin elasticity and fight off toxins.  Drinking 8-10 glasses a day can make a difference as the weather transitions.

2. Take your supplements.Supporting your skin from the inside is one of the most important routines.  Try our Skin Essentials Kit to start your journey.

3. Moisturize more.Try a thicker moisturizer before you go to bed to wake up with hydrated skin.  For your face, we like E.L.F. Happy Hydration Cream because it’s hydrating and non-irritating.  Make sure you add a body lotion to the mix, we like Versed Press Restart Body Lotion.

4. Continue using sunscreen.While UV radiation is greater during the summer months, it is still present year-round.  We recommend at least SPF 30 as the first step in your morning routine.

5. Protect your lips.With the colder weather, it can have a sudden impact on your lips.  We suggest using Aquaphor multiple times throughout the day, and especially before bed.

The environment has a lot to do with how your skin feels, but there is so much we can do to help transition through the seasons.  Small steps can make a big difference, let us know what your seasonal change is below.