Supporting sexual wellness through self-pleasure


Physical touch obviously feels good, but research shows it’s also central to our well-being. And right now, touch can be a little hard to come by, especially if you live alone—just one of the many reasons we’re huge advocates of self-pleasure, especially during National Masturbation Month. If you’re not already partaking in this ultimate self-care move, now is the perfect time to explore and celebrate its many benefits. Here are a few things that have helped turn us on.

Get in the mood

Sometimes you want to edge, other times you want a quick something to take the edge off. If your usual fantasy isn’t doing it, get primed for pleasure with pleasing audio stories, a sexy playlist or an exercise to get out of your mind and into your body. For additional support for your libido, consider our pure and powerful In the Mood supplement.

Explore what feels good

It’s incredible how many of us haven’t taken the time to get to know our bodies and what we really like. OMGyes is helping change that with in-depth interviews, detailed demonstrations and a full menu of techniques that help women explore and embrace self-pleasure in safe, sex-positive space.

Mix it up

Every new position (or new toy) opens you up to new orgasmic possibilities. So, don’t be afraid to ditch your go-to move for more playful positions. Here are a few to try during your next solo sesh. The great thing is there’s no one way (or right way) to do it.

Go public

Let’s just talk about it. Self-pleasure need not be awkward, and it certainly shouldn’t be taboo. The more we discuss it with our friends, the more we normalize it—and can get advice on how make it better.

We’d love to hear how you’re showing yourself some self-love. Share your tips or general musings in the comments below. Or find us on Instagram @raeforwellness.

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