On stress and sexual desire


It’s no secret that supporting your sexual desire involves more than just physical touch. Below we’re unpacking how stress and sexual desire are interlinked—and how to support them both. 

Stress can cause your mind (and even your heart rate) to race, resulting in a disconnect from feeling sensual due to the amount of energy your mind and body are expending elsewhere. According to psychologist Dr. Rachel, “it’s important to remember that the mind-body connection is real. What we think impacts how we feel, which affects our behaviors. If we take a moment to slow down and become aware of what our mind is telling us, it can change the course of the day.” Try scheduling distraction-free time to help you tap into the mental resources you need to support your desire. During this time, consider a deep breathing exercise to reconnect with yourself and let go of any lingering thoughts that aren’t serving you. 

Additionally, any exercise that gets your blood flowing and releases endorphins can raise your energy levels, so going for a quick jog or evening walk may help you clear your mind and get in tune with your pleasure. For an additional boost, try incorporating nourishing daily supplements into your routine to support your mental well-being, mood and more—so you can focus on what’s next. 

How do you support your sexual desire? Let us know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “On stress and sexual desire

  1. Marie says:

    I practice breathing exercises everyday to help reduce stress by getting in touch with the present in my body. When I’m intimate, I direct focus on what my senses can experience in that moment and don’t make orgasm my goal, rather tuning into pleasure and what feels good.

    1. Rae Wellness says:

      Thank you so much for sharing, Marie. These are all such great ways to connect with yourself and your pleasure. 💛

  2. Grace says:

    So glad I came across this..
    I did notice my sexual desire decreased now that I went back to school. My days are filled with learning something new everyday and stressing about memorizing this new information. My dogs motivated me to get out the house after getting home and go for a walk around the neighborhood. I notice this walk allows me to connect with my dogs, myself and my neighborhood. Don’t get me wrong, I still stress when I see all these beautiful front yards and I’m neglecting my own. But it also helps me remind myself I’m in the now and I can only do so much. These walks have helped me also remember I have a husband whom I love and there’s nights we need to catch up on. 😉

  3. Abby Hertz says:

    I meditate, and it helps me trust my body more during sex. However, I don’t orgasm with someone there, I get close and feel a big wall go up. Any suggestions?

    1. Marie says:

      The same thing happens to me! Would love to hear some advice on this.

    2. Eva Hendaque says:

      Allow yourself to be comfortable. Drink some helpful herbal tea (traditional medicinals is my fav brand of herbal teas). Only mess with people you’re comfortable with and try to take breaks between sex for instance if you had sex today, wait out at least 2wks or more( that’s usually when we get our sexual energy back unless it’s different for you). Make sure you’re really horny and attracted to the person/people you’re messing with. That’s my 2cebts hope it helps

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