Sexual wellness matters—here’s how you can support yours 


It’s common to experience phases when your sexual wellness can use a boost to counter the effects of stress, tiredness and more. To help you navigate, we’re sharing a few ways to support your sexual desire throughout the day. 

We often think of desire and pleasure as a physical thing, but studies show that supporting your mind is just as important as supporting your body. Consider carving out a few moments throughout the day to focus on the things that make you feel relaxed and sensual—such as closing your eyes and inhaling and exhaling deeply or listening to your favorite playlist

To counter the effects of tiredness, try weaving moments into your day that increase your energy—such as going on a walk or practicing a few simple exercises at home. For additional support, consider a daily supplement to help renew your energy and mood.

This article has been third-party reviewed by Dr. Rachel Goldman

How do you support your sexual wellness? Let us know in the comments! 

10 thoughts on “Sexual wellness matters—here’s how you can support yours 

  1. Nika j says:

    Would you guys consider making liquid form for all of your products. Asking for the people who hates taking pills😫

    1. Rae Wellness says:

      Hi Nika! Thanks for your feedback—we’ll share it with the team. For our supplements that don’t have a liquid option, you can always break open the capsules and add them to your favorite beverage. We hope this helps!

  2. Chalyce says:

    Would it be okay to take the In the Mood, Vaginal balance and pre-pro biotic supplements daily ? or is that too much ?

    1. Rae Wellness says:

      Hi Chalyce! Our universe of supplements is designed to work together to support you. As always, we recommend checking with your wellness professional before starting a new supplement. 💛

  3. Rachel says:

    Is In The Mood safe to take with birth control pills? Are there any possible interactions that could occur?

    1. Rae Wellness says:

      Hey there! Your body and needs are unique. We always recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before starting any new supplements, especially if you are taking any medication or other supplements.

  4. Jess LaRue says:

    Best supplement to take that will help boost desire to actually be intimate more often with my partner?

    1. Rae Wellness says:

      Hi Jess! We created our In The Mood supplement to help stimulate and fuel your desire. We hope you decide to give it a try!

  5. Chel says:

    Can your supplements counteract the negative sex-drive affects of antidepressants?

    1. Rae Wellness says:

      Hi Chel! We created our In The Mood supplement to support your sexual desire. We hope you decide to check it out!

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