Whether you’re a rookie mom or a mama in the making, there’s a LOT of information out there to sort through on the dos and don’ts of pregnancy. As advocates for women’s wellness, here are a few things our team’s new and expectant mothers said “hell yes” to during pregnancy (note: we also recommend consulting with and following the advice of your healthcare provider).

Taking a prenatal vitamin 

Taking care of yourself and your baby becomes the top priority when you become pregnant or think about becoming pregnant, and taking a prenatal vitamin is an essential part of the journey. Our vegan PreNatal supplements are packed with folate as well as Omega-3, which are vital for fetal development and can supplement healthy eating habits. Like anything when you’re pregnant (or trying to be), talk to your doctor about what he or she recommends before adding anything new to your diet.

Prioritizing zzzs

Sleep is always a good thing, and especially when your body is busy creating a human. But getting shut-eye when your body is adjusting can make sleep hard to come by. This pregnancy pillow helped some of us sink into a gentle slumber, in between bathroom breaks, of course.

Having sex (when you’re feeling into it)

If you’re up for it, sex during pregnancy is safe and may even be good for you. And extra sensitive erogenous zones mean it can be extra enjoyable. So, if the mood strikes, go for it.

Staying active (as much as you’re able)

Online fitness classes are a great option for staying active from the comfort of your home, and there are many great virtual pregnancy classes available. This company provides a free trial of their prenatal yoga classes so you can dip your toe in and see if it’s something that will work for you. With every body being different, talk to your doctor first to make sure he or she agrees.

Have some pregnancy dos that are helping you feel good? We’d love to hear more. Share inspiration, tips or general musings in the comments. Or find us on Instagram: @raeforwellness.