For your convenience, you can now find us at Whole Foods Market! We’re excited to further our mission to make well-being attainable for all.

Rae supplements available include:
Vegan Collagen Boost Powder
Pre + Probiotic Capsules
Complexion Capsules
DeStress Capsules
Multivitamin Capsules

“Rae’s presence at Whole Foods is a hallmark moment for our company, because we know Whole Foods’ customers not only think about wellness but intentionally shop for it. Our quest to provide attainable nourishment is yet again being fulfilled with this leading grocer’s partnership. We are thrilled that Whole Foods sees what we see – thousands of five-star reviews and positive comments about our supplements that perfectly align with its customers’ health and well-being needs and philosophies.”
—Angie Tebbe, CEO and co-founder