Welcome to our first ever Give-a-Rae! This holiday season, we are offering our favorite products for FREE (just pay for shipping). We are so excited to have you on this journey with us.

At Rae, we believe that well-being should be accessible for all. So, in pursuit of that mission, we are giving you, your friends, your family, everyone! the opportunity to try our best-selling supplements for FREE.

We recognize there is often an emphasis on less going into the new year—less spending, less drinking, less consuming—but that’s why we are offering the chance for you to feel MORE:  more desire, more balance, more calm, more confident, and more radiant.

Our supplements are designed to connect the mind and body, knowing that when your body feels right, your mind is clear. And when your mind is clear, you feel your best.

Supporting each other is the best way to show love, so share the shine with those you love so you can feel your best going into the new year together.

We wish you a happy holiday season with more wellness, more shine, and more you!