March 2020 update: After careful consideration, we’ve decided to discontinue our metabolism products in order to prioritize our focus on innovation and other wellness offerings that support women to shine from the inside out. More than ever, we remain committed to developing high-quality dietary supplements that help women to feel their best, and to providing wellness solutions that further our brand mission and values. We’re always interested in receiving product input from our community—if you have suggestions on additional wellness solutions that you’d like to see from Rae, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Over the past several days, our Metabolism Drops were organically shared through numerous videos on the social media platform TikTok. We became concerned when we started to notice a conversation emerge: teenage girls misusing the product alongside conversation about weight loss, at times using more than the recommended dose. All of our products are formulated for, and marketed to, adult women 18 and older.

While there is no risk in taking our Metabolism Drops as directed, because of this misuse we have decided to proactively pause the sale of our metabolism products and worked quickly with Target to voluntarily withdraw the product in stores and online. There are no safety concerns with any of our products whatsoever. We took this action simply because we feel it’s the right thing to do as a company. Seeing a groundswell of this kind of conversation was antithetical to our values. The well-being of all women and the promotion of positive body images are essential to the foundation of this brand.

Rae began with a simple vision: to help women feel their best from the inside out through pure and powerful nutrition. We strongly believe in championing health, nutrition, wellness and confidence not only for women today, but also for the women of tomorrow. With this action, we hope to remind young girls that they are strong and beautiful just as they are, and encourage them to shine from the inside out.