A few years ago, I created Rae with the simple mission to make pure, powerful, and affordable supplements that nourish and nurture you from the inside out. As one small step in pursuit of that mission, we launched our month-long Give-a-Rae campaign to allow everyone the opportunity to try our favorite supplements for FREE.  And, we are humbled by the results.​​

During Give-a-Rae:

                      • We shipped nearly 40,000 products to you, our community.
                      • Most of you tried more than one new product from us.​
                      • Nearly a quarter of you auto-subscribed to one or more products.​
                      • Your favorite product was In the Mood – illustrating the importance of sexual wellness to overall well-being.
                      • We learned about some of your new favorite product combinations – and we are thinking about how best to leverage and serve back to you!​


Thank you for putting yourself first. Thank you for trusting Rae to be your partner and support team.  And congratulations on giving yourself a product to help support your journey to holistic well-being.