At Rae, the well-being of our community is our top priority — especially in difficult and unprecedented times like these.

First and foremost: we are thinking about *you.* We will do everything possible to help you to take care of yourself and each other, while always trying our best to do what’s right.

To help make it easier for you to maintain your wellness routine, we’re working closely with our manufacturing and supply chain partners to provide deliveries that are as timely as possible. Please note that there may be a slight delay with shipments. We continue to monitor the situation, including CDC and FDA recommendations, and will keep you informed of any updates.

And, as always, the quality and safety of our products continues to be our top priority. Our dietary supplements are manufactured in the United States and meet all quality and safety standards in accordance with the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs). Each batch of our supplements is tested for ingredient identity, purity, strength and composition, so we can be sure that what’s on the label is what’s in the supplements. We also test each batch for microbes and allergens, ensuring they are below levels deemed safe by the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices. All testing is done by independent 3rd parties.

As we navigate this together, we hope to continue to share small doses of optimism and inspiration for accessible ways to support your wellness. We want to provide the opportunity to shape our conversation in the days and weeks to come — if you have feedback or suggestions, you can reach our team directly at

We’re in this together. Be well, look out for each other and remember to shine.