Today we’re proud to increase our commitment to supporting the body and mind from the inside out with the introduction of our new pure and powerful hemp-derived supplements. Our hemp supplements are designed to shine in a category full of over-priced alternatives, and with this launch we aim to set the industry standard for CBD products by bringing high-quality, evidence-based formulations alongside attainable prices to market.

To champion new industry standards we’re partnering with OpenNest Labs, a team passionate about driving cannabis adoption as a force for positive change. Meet Michael Kamins, Co-founder and Partner of OpenNest Labs and learn more about why the status quo for CBD needs to evolve.

You’re passionate about driving cannabis adoption as force for positive change. Tell us more about this mission and why it’s needed?

Cannabis is at a critical moment, and while acceptance is growing so quickly, the legitimate market is still so young. In the light now, cannabis is showing its true potential, that we knew it had, to transform culture, society and the human experience. We believe it is the duty of anyone operating with integrity in cannabis to support, advocate and create impact.

Rae is partnering with your team to further the industry standard for CBD products. As an industry innovator, why do you believe the status quo for CBD needs to change?

Over the past few years, there has been anecdotal reports of the efficacy of CBD for supporting wellness. However, there has been  little to no scientific research done to understand the benefits of CBD for women’s health. That is why new research is necessary to inform product testing and development – it’s absolutely critical for product sophistication and for educational content to build trust, transparency, and adoption.

Your work is having a profound impact on the future of wellness — as a busy professional, how do you support your well-being throughout the day?

I take a holistic approach to wellness. A few small smart changes in combination really add up – eating right, working out, getting quality sleep, etc. On the days where I can’t get it all in, I just make sure it’s a no-zero day and I can get in at least one.