During this time and always, it’s important to connect with others to support your well-being. That’s why we partnered with some of our favorite artists to create a postcard collection that is as uplifting and unique as you. This collection features nourishing reminders to shine from inside.

Shine from inside postcard collection

About the artists

Heather Polk is a collage artist and abstract painter. To her, ‘shine from inside’ means that “love within has no choice but to show up on the outside. Love emits a light that cannot be dimmed.” 

Maggie Stephenson is an artist and illustrator. To her, ‘shine from inside’ means to “send out your purest energy into the world.” 

Viscaya Wagner is a multidisciplinary artist and designer. To her, ‘shine from inside’ means to “nourish all aspects of yourself! If you feed your heart, mind, body and soul that energy will radiate out into the world.”