Laura Iu

It’s not easy to make time for self-care and yet, when you experience the benefits of how it affects the way you think, feel and show up in the world it’s more likely to become a priority. I used to consider self-care as an hour of luxury or a getaway where “I’ll finally have time.” Sure, it’s that —and— there are also many opportunities during the day for self-care, if you are open to redefining it. 

Practicing a self-care mindset is a way to approach life without waiting for those few and far between luxurious hours or getaways. For example, when I notice tension, I slow down and soften. I try to respond to how I feel, instead of operating on autopilot. 

I take care of myself by checking in throughout the day. I ask myself questions like, “How am I feeling right now?”and“What do I need?”. ​

Do I need to eat again? ​

Can I relax my shoulders?​

Take deep breaths? ​

Am I thirsty?​

Do I need fresh air? 

This dialogue sounds funny to a lot of people, but I love knowing that I can find small ways to feel more grounded, centered and happy. Simple practices like taking deep breaths, softening my whole body, prioritizing nourishment and hydration are some ways that I connect with myself. Additionally, running a private practice means I wear several hats and when I’m fed, I have the energy to navigate various roles and can be fully present for my patients. My rested self is my best self, so I strive to get a good night’s sleep (for me that’s 8 hours minimum!). I’m also a fan of Rae’s Multivitamin and depending how I’m feeling I may tend to my needs with other products in the line, like the Energy Drops or the CBD Capsules.

Self-care for me has never been about having some perfectly crafted routine. We’re not robots, so it makes sense that what we need in a day, from the amount of food to movement or rest, would look a little different every day. When you accept that perfection doesn’t exist and that self-care looks different for everyone, taking care of yourself during the day can feel much more attainable.