Rae partner and clinical psychologist Dr. Rachel Goldman shares easy ways to feel more grounded, relaxed and renewed by shifting your focus for just a minute or two.

Say thanks

Research shows that being grateful can make your whole outlook more optimistic. And it’s easy—just think about what you’re grateful for. A random act of kindness, a beautiful sunrise, your own resilience. Dr. Rachel recommends carving out a few minutes a day to practice gratitude. This can be taking two minutes before bed, post-workout or before a meal (and don’t forget to thank yourself, too!).

Take a break

Life moves fast. Sometimes so fast you have to remind yourself that you’re not a machine. Taking five minutes to take care of you can relax your body and clear your mind. Stand up and stretch, go make yourself some tea or simply sit and breathe deeply for a few moments. Bonus: reclaiming you-time can make you feel more in control.

Really connect

Simple, yes, but human contact is an amazing way to quickly boost your mood. Dr. Rachel says that even if it’s just sending a quick text to a friend, reaching out to say hi and how are you can help you feel more grounded, and has the added benefit of helping your friend feel loved and cared for. 

Let the light in

Natural light gives you Vitamin D and helps regulate your body’s circadian rhythms and energy levels, so step outside for a minute and drink it in. Not only can it help with relaxation and promote a more restful sleep, getting fresh air also helps people feel more alert and recharged.