January 1st is just another day. Let’s take the pressure off the day and all the expectations that come with it, and just relax. Today is what you make of it. It can be a day to lay in bed and binge-watch your favorite show, or it can be a day to start fresh and check off all your to-dos. Regardless of how you spend your day, put yourself and your needs first.

Together, we have conquered another year. We’ve dealt with a year of isolation, stress, and fear, love, innovation, and a lot of time for self-reflection. Celebrate all of your accomplishments, big and small, that helped you get here, a place where you can put yourself FIRST.

There is a lot of talk about new beginnings in the new year—a new routine, new habits, a new you. But we are here to say that you don’t need to change overnight. You’re doing your best, and that’s all that matters. When thinking about goals for the new year, be sure to assess what is realistic for you, and stay honest. Ask the question: what will help you be more you in 2022? 

At this time of year, there is a recurring theme focusing on less, less spending, and less consumption. But we want you to shift that narrative and focus on more—more wellness and more shine—all to help you feel more like you. 

As you take on another year, be kind to yourself, prioritize you, and remember that you’re not alone. We want to be your partner going into the new year so to help you feel your best in 2022, our favorite products are FREE, with our Give-a-Rae.

Let’s have a wonderful year, where you are the priority for both of us.