Whether you’re searching for an easy-to-transport way to support your well-being on the go or looking for an alternative to swallowing capsules, our liquid supplements are designed to conveniently fit into your day while being simple for the body to absorb and digest. Our liquid supplements can be taken on their own or mixed into your favorite hot or cold beverage—and our community is loving this way to nourish.

“These Drops are a game changer. I feel more focused when I start my day. The best part is, I can put them in my tea in the morning or in a glass of water. Super fast and super easy with amazing benefits and feeling.” —PJ on our Focus Drops, which promote a sense of calm + support mental cognition

“These are one of best things because I hate swallowing pills to get my daily vitamins and supplements! Leaves my skin looking really glowy and bright.” —Minami G. on our Skin Renew Drops, which nourish healthy skin + support your body’s collagen production

“These are so much better than other forms of caffeine. I can truly feel a difference in my energy levels, and there’s no crash.” —Natashia M. on our Energy Drops, which revive + invigorate without the crash

You can find our liquid supplements at Target, raewellness.co and more!