Each new season can present an opportunity to refresh your routines.  As Summer transitions to Fall, it’s important to be intentional about how to maintain your well-being through what can be a stressful shift.  Whether you have a solid daily routine or a more unpredictable schedule, it’s important to be mindful of how to create more certainty during a time of transition.  And research shows that there are benefits to having a predictable routine including lowered stress levels, higher productivity, and feeling more focused.

1. Protect your sleep, first.Sleep is often the first part of our routine to get disrupted.  Make it a priority to not change your sleep hours – this will help support every other part of your schedule.

2. Make a list of what will change.  Whether you’re going back to school, your work schedule is changing, or you will have more time for yourself during the day – take a moment to document what will change and what that means for you.

3. Make a plan.  Write out your new schedule and what you need to support yourself.  It may be that you need extra meal prep, a new time for daily movement, or a new way to take 5 minutes for yourself.  

Transitions are a good time to practice your calm and incorporate new ways to support your mind and body.