Returning to a normal schedule after a year at home isn’t going to come without its set of unique challenges—physically, mentally and emotionally. Our co-founder and CEO Angie Tebbe recently shared her advice for starting a wellness journey in Bizwomen. Check out the article below.

Women are game changers. And the one thing we generally have in common is that because of our busy lifestyle, we’re not taking care of ourselves as well as we should.

But that is starting to change. It has been a fascinating journey to see how health and well-being has become a large focus of daily life; I am thrilled to see that in the last few years, women have started to really put themselves on the priority list.

That is exactly why I left my 15-year corporate career to begin my own personal and professional wellness journey, to start a company that stands for well-being for all. And in doing so, I never could have predicted that this year, women would need to take care of their minds and bodies more than ever. As I have listened to and learned from women over the last year, one thing has become clear: the mind is a powerful tool, especially during unprecedented times.

As a working mom of two, with a third on the way, I get the pressures that women put on themselves—especially at a time when many of us are juggling so many components of life differently than ever before. And I realize that taking care of your mind and body is so much more difficult than it sounds—and should be reserved for the 1% with unlimited time and finances. But I’m here to assert it is something that should be attainable for all of us.

I’m not going to profess that you have to start working out seven days a week, eating a diet only of antioxidants, or meditating every evening for an hour. Personally, I believe change happens through tiny steps, because small changes can be powerful and attainable.

But how do we begin? You just start somewhere—it’s that simple.

First, start with your well-being, and ask yourself what you need. It can be five minutes listening to your favorite tunes each day, taking supplements or it can be simply drinking an extra glass of water. Whatever it is, identify it.

Next, tie it an existing routine; for example, start acting on your new habit every time you brush your teeth. Tying it to something you do regularly will help make it consistent.

And lastly, make sure you celebrate; there is enough negative self-talk, so make this a moment a win. And if you forget one day, don’t beat yourself up, simply do it next time you have your existing routine moment.

As you start your small habits, they will become your new routines. And remember that you can add more as you identify what’s important to you. But most importantly, take it easy on yourself. If you’re stressed out, feeling unmotivated or overwhelmed, please know that you aren’t alone. You are a badass. And your psyche is the most important thing when it comes to your well-being, so make sure you celebrate the small wins.

This article originally appeared in Bizwomen