As you know, your menstrual cycle is more than just your period.  In fact, your period is just the first day of your cycle. Throughout the month, your brain, uterus, and ovaries work together and leverage hormones to direct your body’s cycle. 

Week 1:  First day of period to Day 7.  Estrogen rises. You may feel more optimistic and in a better mood. Additionally, your libido begins to climb toward the tail end of the week.

Week 2: Day 8 to ovulation (often day 14 of a 28-day cycle). Estrogen and testosterone rise until they peak. Your mood and energy improve, and your libido may peak.

Week 3: Day after ovulation and lasts 8 days (often days 15-22 in a 28-day cycle). Progesterone rises, estrogen and testosterone decline.  You may feel energy decrease due to estrogen decline and progesterone increase. Your appetite may increase, and you may have mild constipation. 

Week 4: Final 6 days of your cycle. Estrogen and progesterone drop. You may start to experience common PMS symptoms – irritability, cravings, water retention, and more.

Because of all these fluctuations throughout the month, you may experience different emotions, levels of energy, and your body and skin can seem to change by the day. For these reasons, we developed powerful supplements that can help support you throughout the month, regardless of the menstrual cycle stage you are in.

Rebalance. We created this product to help support your hormones, mood, and minimize bloating all month long. Made with a blend of vitamins, botanicals, superfood mushrooms (cordyceps and reishiand dandelion.

Daily Cleanse. We created this product to help support your body’s natural detox processes to keep you regular. Made with ingredients to help support your skin and digestive system such as turmeric, aloe, and other antioxidants.

Vaginal Balance. We created this product to help support your vaginal and urinary tract health. Made with ingredients such as cranberry and probiotics to maintain a balanced vaginal pH and urinary tract.

Complexion. We created this product to help nourish and support your clear skin throughout the month and your cycle. Made with antioxidants to help fight inflammation, licorice and white willow bark to keep your skin clear.

You can find all these supplements at Target. All are designed to work together for amplified results.