With all the talk of dry January being over, we’re not sure that’s the case.  We’re talking about a different kind of “dry” January – dry skin, of course.  In the winter months, it can be difficult to know exactly what your skin needs and how your routine should change.  We always suggest you start from the inside as that sets the foundation for total skin hydration and care.

1. Drink more water than you think.  Normally, the guide is to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water.  We suggest you layer on top of it and add lemon or other fruit and have it in your fridge as a go-to.  If you slightly flavor your water, it is likely you will drink more.

2. Eat foods rich in fatty acids.  Now is the time to eat fish, nuts, olive oil, flax, chia seeds, and avocado.  Insert flax or chia into your smoothies, cook with olive oil, and snack on walnuts or almonds. 

3. Use smart supplements.  Our favorites are available at Target and there are a few pairings we can’t get enough of. 

Complexion + Daily Cleanse.  This is a powerful combination in that it helps nourish and hydrate dry skin, promotes clear skin through critical antioxidants, and helps you eliminate toxins. 

Vegan Collagen Boost + Pre+Probiotic  This combination is amongst our most popular.  It helps boost your own collagen production (essential to skin structure) and balances gut health (essential for clear skin).  Get your perfect pairing and stock up now.  This week, the above combos are 10% off, and if you buy two, you get a $5 Target Gift Card!

Get your perfect pairing and stock up now.  Now through Saturday 2/12, the above combos are 10% off, and if you buy two, you get a $5 Target Gift Card!