Why we all need a Morning Stress Break

At Rae, we know that taking a break is essential to your well-being.  And we are big advocates for not waiting until the afternoon to take a few minutes to yourself to help support your calm and fight mental fatigue throughout the day.  Whatever time is best for you, we suggest scheduling it and trying out a few of our fresh ideas to help your mind and body.

1. Laugh.Find what makes you laugh – whether it’s a comedian or a funny video on your phone.  Take a moment to smile as that is the best medicine to destress.

2. Stand Many of us think of breaks as a time to sit and be still. While that is often a great idea, the reality is that most of us sit all day.  Standing and walking around will get your blood flowing and help support your body and mind.

3. Hydrate.  Hydration is the leading cause of brain fog.  Drink 8-12 ounces of water to help fight mental fatigue.

4. Breathe While you’re standing, try this box breathing technique.

5. Take supplements.  We love Destress Capsules as a mid-morning relief to help fight mental fatigue throughout the rest of the day.


The most important part of a morning stress break is that you do it and hold to it.  Five minutes can make a big difference in the rest of your day and your ability to find your calm.