Many of us spend an average of 7-9 hours a day working behind a computer. And while most of us pay attention to the work we do, we often don’t pay attention to the environment we do it in.  Changing your workspace into a place you want to be can improve not only your mood, but your quality of work.  *Note, this can apply to any space in your home to help elevate the feelings you want that space to evoke.

1. Add some green.  Some of calmest offices are full of plants. Adding a touch of green to your space can improve your physiological health and boost resilience.

2. Declutter A chaotic work environment can create a chaotic mind.  Clear and clean your surfaces, organize, and make a note to toss anything you haven’t used recently.  

3. Have items that evoke happiness. Whether it’s photos of your favorite vacations, friends and family, or objects that remind you of a joyful time – make it a point to keep them in plain sight.

4. Improve the light quality Poor lighting can cause eye strain, so try to make your space as naturally lit as possible.  If you’re working at night, make sure you light the space to avoid additional strain.

5. Have water and healthy snacks close. Hydration and proper nutrition can improve your stress levels, mood, and productivity.  Make it a point to easily take care of yourself throughout the day.

It you work from home, it may be a good idea to change it up!  Change the direction of your workspace to face a new wall, try standing, or light a candle for a new refreshing scent.  It may help your creativity to change the flow of your space.