With everything going on around us, it’s not always easy to protect our headspace and focus on being there for ourselves. But we believe taking the time to prioritize your well-being is fundamental to helping you thrive and keep your mind and body on track. Here are a few tips for supporting your well-being during uncertain times.

Check in with your emotional well-being

Eating well, getting rest and exercise are part of self-care, but don’t forget about your head and heart. Being aware of your thought processes, resetting expectations and building an inner voice that speaks to you with compassion, patience and respect are all ways to support your emotional well-being. Checking in with a friend or writing your thoughts down in a journal can also be good ways to connect to a more positive headspace.

Focus on what’s in your control

Uncertainty can be stressful. But when you shift your mindset to focusing on what’s in your control, it can help you to feel more calm and manage stress according to psychologist Dr. Rachel. “There are a lot of things that are uncertain right now,” Dr. Rachel says. “Remember there are always going to be things we can’t control, so why focus on what’s out of our control?” For extra support for your calm, try closing your eyes and inhaling and exhaling deeply for a few minutes.

Let yourself rest 

A good night’s sleep can be hard to come by—but we believe it’s essential to your whole-body well-being, especially in moments of increased stress. Try taking a few steps to help reset your sleep routine. Or listen to a sleep podcast or a playlist that helps you power down.

Take time for you

Whether it’s going for a five minute walk, pausing to reset or taking a break from scrolling, scheduling intentional breaks in your day and sticking to them can keep you thriving throughout the day. Getting involved and staying informed in ways that feel right to you is important—but we encourage you to take time for yourself along the way.