While we know anecdotally that stress can have an impact on hormones, causing irregular or more painful periods, one emerging piece of research is clear:  stress can potentially worsen the symptoms of PMS.  And while it is different for everyone, we have pulled together some easy steps to help support stress and its impact on PMS symptoms.

1. Stretch.  Throughout the month, focus on mobility through stretching.  Focus on your hips and abdomen as much as possible – whether its through yoga or other soothing techniques.

2. Avoid caffeine and alcohol.  When you’re stressed it is common to reach for that extra cup of coffee, but both caffeine and alcohol can lead to fight or flight hormonal response in the body, leading to imbalances.

3. Eat whole foods.  This is the key to reducing cortisol levels.  Eat foods rich in Magnesium (bananas, dark chocolate, broccoli, spinach) as well as Omega 3 (olive oil, walnuts, flax seeds).

4. Get enough sleep.  Restful sleep is incredibly important to reducing stress, navigating your emotions and having mental clarity.  And when you sleep, it gives your body time to rebalance on a hormonal level.

For a winning trio of products that can help keep you calm, fight mental fatigue, and support your hormonal balance, try taking RebalanceDestress, and Multivitamin.  For best results, we love taking Rebalance and Destress mid-morning, and Multivitamin at lunch.