At Rae, we believe sleep should be celebrated every day (and night!). Along with nutrition and exercise, sleep is a foundational pillar of wellness, supporting everything from immune function to social interactions. We partnered with psychologist Dr. Rachel Goldman to bring you our favorite suggestions for a restful night of zzzs.

✨ Create a consistent sleep routine

Sleep is key to so much when it comes to our health and well-being—including reducing stress and allowing us to have better focus and concentration. Consider creating a before-bed routine that you can stick with consistently to help you feel your best throughout the day.

✨  Turn off technology at least one hour before bed

Studies have shown that using technology before bed can interfere with sleep by suppressing melatonin production. Consider powering down your devices at least an hour before rest or making your bedroom a screen-free space. 

✨ Journal or do a ‘brain dump’

What we think impacts how we feel, which affects our behaviors. If you’re having trouble falling asleep due to a busy mind, try writing down your thoughts before bed so you can focus on your rest.

✨ Practice deep breathing or another relaxation technique

Setting aside a few minutes to practice deep breathing before bed can help calm your body and mind to prepare you for sleep. Guided breathing exercises using apps like Breathe2Relax and Universal Breathing: Pranayama help make it easy breezy.

✨ Support your routine with supplements

For additional support for your mind and body, consider incorporating supplements like our Sleep Capsules into your routine to help you prioritize quality rest and nourish your overall well-being.

Featured image by @kenziecashero