It’s no secret that physical and social stressors can have a big impact on your mental and emotional health.  And while a little stress is okay – some stress can be beneficial – it’s important to be mindful of when stress begins to have an impact on your overall mood.  We’ve identified some key signals and ways to help support your mood.  

If you’re becoming more easily agitated, feeling more frequently overwhelmed, having a hard time relaxing, or finding yourself avoiding others, your stress levels may be impacting your overall mood.  Good news is there are some great ways to support the daily, unexpected stressors and give your mood a boost.

1. Laugh more.  Turn on your favorite comedian, call the friends that bring out the belly laughs.  Laughing is one of the best ways to instantly improve your mood.

2. Get some sleep.  Quality sleep is horsepower for your mental health.  When you get enough sleep, you have the ability to navigate your emotions better, have more patience and mental clarity.

3. Assert yourself.Assertiveness can help you reduce stress and improve your coping skills.  To start, recognize and learn the right behaviors for you

4. Write it out.One of the most effective ways to reduce stress is by journaling in detail about your feelings and thoughts related to stressful events.  Go ahead, take 5 minutes and give it a try.

5. Go for a walk.Go on, get a move on.  Any form of movement – walking, dancing, and other physical movement releases endorphins, which stimulate relaxation and support your mood.​​

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