According to this study conducted by the Journal of Brain & Behavior, women are twice as likely to suffer from severe stress and anxiety as men.  And while we all know that moving your body is good for the mind, sometimes it is difficult to get started.  Below are a few easy ways to help support your mind when you are feeling stressed out.  And bonus, they are free and don’t require signing up for a class or extra equipment.

1. Walking.  This simple act of movement releases tension from the major muscle groups, deepens breathing, and quiets the central nervous system.  And if you can, it gets you out in nature which has a calming effect.

2. Dancing.  Dancing allows a creative outlet as it raises your heart rate.  As you get ready, think about the music you will dance to.  Upbeat music can help you feel alert and concentrate better, and make you feel optimistic and positive.  A slower tempo can quiet your mind and help you feel soothed and release the stress of the day.

3. Yoga.  This holistic movement relieves physical tension and uses deep breathing to help the body and mind relax.  Yoga helps improve mental focus, and focus is key to stress management.  Each pose requires concentration which keeps your mind focused on what you are doing instead of worrying or wandering to life’s everyday stressors. You take mini-breaks and do this 5-min Yoga video twice a day.

It may seem simple, but even 15 minutes of movement each day can help reduce stress levels for women. Think about what works best for you to have consistency – early mornings, late at night, or over the lunch hour.  Make it a priority to ensure you can support a calm mind and fight mental fatigue.