Autonomous sensory meridian response, commonly referred to as ASMR, is a growing trend that has taken social media by storm.  Moreover, it is becoming more linked to having mental health benefits.  If you’re tapped out on the social media videos, consider new ways to elicit similar responses.

1. Massage your scalp.  Do it yourself or buy a super affordable massager, they start at $5.

2. Eat foods with texture.  Bone conduction can give a very unique experience of sounds – try as many textures as you can in the next salad you make.

3. Give yourself a facial massage.  Whether it’s Facial Gua Sha, tapping, or moisturizing, take a couple of extra minutes to focus on and feel the sensation these habits are giving you.

4. Take care of plants. Whether you’re gardening or tending to your indoor greenery, the delicacy can bring about a slow, methodical approach to watering and touching the leaves.

While ASMR is often thought of as a social activity, these are ways to help support your own sensory responses to create a sense of calm.  Try these or comment below for other tips you have!