Stress and sleep have a reciprocal relationship. High levels of stress can contribute to poor sleep, and poor-quality sleep can lead to a poor stress response. Understanding this relationship is the first step to breaking what can sometimes be a frustrating loop for women. But even if we understand the connection, how can we learn to sleep better with a certain degree of stress? Implementing the below environmental and behavioral techniques may help.​​

1. Get natural light during the day. Regular exposure to natural light during the day helps regulate your circadian rhythm.  Additionally, try to dim lights the later it gets in the evening so your body gets used to the pattern.

2. Schedule “stress” time. Choose 10 minutes during the day to set aside for worry and stress, to make lists of everything on your mind, and to cross off things that aren’t important. This will help clear your mind and get worry out in advance of your bedtime.

3. Avoid the clock. Try and avoid having a clock next to your bed.  If you must, turn it away and do not look at the clock as you are trying to sleep. And if you wake up, refrain from looking at your phone or clock to check the time. 

4. Keep your bed sacred for rest. It is important to have a mental association that the bed is for sleep and not work or watching Netflix. Try and go to bed right away when you feel sleepy and not before.  

5. Limit your news feed. Constant updates on stressful current events, or constantly watching your work email will worsen feelings of fear and anxiety.  Keep your exposure to the day, and choose a time you’ll turn it all off.

6. Wake up at the same time. It is often difficult to go to bed and wake up at the exact same time each night, although that is best. The second-best alternative is to at least wake up at the same time each morning. Try to fit this schedule to your natural inclinations if at all possible.

It may not be realistic to live a stress-free life. But it is critical that you get as much quality sleep as possible to keep you mind as calm as possible and fight daily mental fatigue. If you’re looking for a little more of a natural boost, try our Sleep and Destress Capsules. This powerful combination will help support your overall well-being.