How to prioritize yourself in 3 minutes a day

There is so much in one day. With work, friends, school, social media, kids, parents and more, it is so hard to put yourself on the priority list, and we get it. That’s why we think it’s best to take on small habits – 3-minute moments in your day to put yourself on the top of the priority list. And while it seems sometimes impossible to find even 3 minutes, we know that once you start the habit, you’ll ensure you make it a part of every day.  

As you think about your 3 minutes and what it could mean for you, think first about what it is you need most.  What does your mind and body tell you to do?  Below are a few examples to get you started.

1. Do you need something calm and quiet? Try some deep breathing and stretching.

2. Do you need something to give you energy? Try listening to your favorite ‘at bat’ song to pump you up.

3. Do you need something nourishing? Pour a glass of water and make a snack or smoothie, taking some deep breaths while you do.

4. Do you need to connect with others? Text your friends or loved ones or write a note to someone you love.

5. Do you need to purge how you feel? Think about writing your thoughts down to purge them from your mind.

6. Do you need to feel more like yourself? Write down all the things you love most and what you’ve accomplished recently. Think about what a badass you are.

Okay, now that you know what you’ll do, think about the best time to do it. Early in the morning, after your morning zoom calls with your colleagues, or perhaps mid-afternoon when your mind needs the support? When is the most meaningful time for what your habit is? Then, block it on your calendar and make sure it happens every day. Yes, every damn day. You deserve it.