As the holiday season ramps up, it can be easy to get stuck in “go” mode. Between work, holiday plans, gift giving, cooking—the list piles up. But taking time to unplug at the end of the day is so important for our health and well-being. Here are five ways to power down (even when it seems impossible).

1. Reach out to a friend or spend a few minutes alone

Instead of leaning on social media for connection before bed, try reaching out to someone you can chat with about your day, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Or, take time to connect with yourself and reflect on the day.

2. Use your calendar as your to-do list

To help ease the worries of the day ahead, try using your calendar as a catchall for what tomorrow will bring. It can help keep your schedule realistic and avoid stressing over missing a to-do.

3. Take note of what made the day great

It’s important to celebrate the wins and accomplishments—big or small. Consider making a list of what went well in your day, so you can carry the positive vibes into tomorrow.

4. Start a non-digital hobby

Sometimes it’s hard to wind down when we have a million thoughts going in our minds. Engaging in non-digital activities like a puzzle, crossword or painting can help promote a sense of calm before bed.

5. Relax and de-stress 

Carve out time for your favorite relaxation technique. We like progressive relaxation, which is a sequence of squeezing and relaxing muscles. We also recommend incorporating daily supplements into your routine like DeStress to help calm your mind, fight mental fatigue and support you to feel more focused throughout the day.