As the pandemic increased our overall scrutiny on skincare routines, Harpers Bazaar was focused on finding the best items that could help us proactively support anti-aging.  Our Vegan Collagen Boost Capsules were on that list and here’s why. 

1. We are vegan. Collagen can be extracted only from animals, but our supplement helps your own body build more of it so that you can get the hair, skin, and nail benefits naturally.

2. We are pure and powerful. In a market of over-priced alternatives, we provide powerful ingredient blends to help support you. Key ingredients in our Vegan Collagen Boost include Vitamin C and Silica (from bamboo) to help revitalize cells and support healthy collagen production.

3. We complement topical routines. The basic steps of topical skincare such as cleansing and moisturizing are important.  But women everywhere are recognizing that its important to help support skin from within.

Bonus, you can also find them at Target and Amazon!