When we think of skincare, our minds automatically turn to facial skincare as we try to put our best face forward, but it is so much broader than that.  Our skin is our largest organ and our body deserves just as much attention, considering there are concerns that can be unique like eczema, psoriasis, and more.  It is a shift in mindset, but when you think about total body skincare as an access point to holistic wellness and feeling good in your own skin from head to toe, it becomes something that you prioritize as self-care.  

1. Less is more.It’s not about how much time you spend or how many steps you do, but your intention and consistency to care for yourself.  If you keep it simple, you will be more apt to make it a habit.

2. Hydrate more than you think. Internally, make sure you’re drinking water throughout the day, and externally, focus on a moisture routine.  I suggest you start with a Body Serum, a Body Oil, and then a Body Lotion to top it off.

3. Protect and prevent. Year-round, it’s important to wear SPF on all exposed areas of your body – neck, chest, shoulders, arms, legs, and hands –every day.  

4. Take a lukewarm bath.It’s a great treat for the senses if you add a scented body wash.  Pro tip:  Start your day with a bath instead of only using it as a wind-down.  It helps support your calm and start the day off with a moment for you.

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