Feeling comfortable in your own skin is a constant journey.  It’s not about striving for perfection from the outside, it’s about your mental state on the inside. It’s about owning who you are and how you’d like to continue to evolve.  It starts with seeing your true individuality, not striving for an unattainable standard of beauty. And if you focus on feeling good in your own skin each day, you will see yourself more positively and exude shine.

1. Take a few minutes.Those who don’t take proper time for themselves are often harder on themselves in all regards.  Think about when you feel your most confident in the day.  Is it when you first wake up?  Is it at the end of a day after bath?  Find a time that works for you everyday to take a minute and list 5 things that you love that make you uniquely you.

2. Find your calm.Identify when you feel most stressed throughout the day and give yourself a break to do something that gives you calm.  Spend 5 minutes stretching, taking deep breaths, or playing your favorite tunes.  

3. Audit your social media.Are you following people that have an unrealistic definition of well-being?  The accounts you follow should inspire you to continue to be more of yourself, not like anyone else.  

4. Express yourself.Expressing yourself in ways you love is one of the best ways to improve self-confidence.  Think about what you love doing – cooking, dancing, writing, spending time with friends, painting – and do it more.

5. Spend time naked.If you avoid looking at yourself in the mirror, you’re not alone.  However, seeing yourself – truly looking at yourself more often – can make you more comfortable in your own skin.  And the more comfortable you are, the more you know who you are and can appreciate your uniqueness.