Many of us have missed a sense of connection with one another of the last couple of years. A hug from a friend, the casual bump-into a stranger at Starbucks, or intimacy with a lover that you now spend 24/7 with. Touch is widely rooted in our biology as it releases hormones like oxytocin that to reduces stress. And while the ability to celebrate one another is important, you are fully able to create your own comfort. In fact, solo sex is a great opportunity to understand what makes you tick and amplify your experience with a partner. Here are some steps to get you started.​​

1. Accept yourself. You are beautiful. You are worthy. And you are all that you need. 

2. Get in the mood. Think about what gives you desire and makes you feel sensual. Whether it’s a book or a bath, take time to create your desired mood.

3. Take your time. Be aware of your needs and care for them. If you’ve been pleasuring yourself for some time, there may be some room to change it up. If you’re new to self-pleasure, understand it may take time to know what will work for you.

4. Use your resources. If you like candles or music, or are into stories from Dipsea, use your resources to change it up.  

5. Experiment with tools. Before breaking the bank, invest modestly to see what you like. We like Smile Makers for vibrators, warming lube, and other instruments.