You may hear the word “intimacy” and associate it with sex. But while intimacy can support sex, sex doesn’t always include intimacy. For example, you can have intimate relationships with friends and family . And you can also have great sex without intimacy. So what exactly is intimacy and what is its role in sex? 

Intimacy is the ability to be vulnerable, love, trust, and accept others to create deeper connections.  If you’re looking to foster a more intimate sexual relationship, there are a few tips:

1. Be honest. Talk about what makes you feel safe, supported, and confident.

2. Accept yourself. No one is perfect, let it go and show up as you are.

3. Take your time. Intimacy isn’t built overnight; spend time together doing what you love.

4. Practice self-intimacy. Be aware of your own needs and feelings and care for them.

5. Don’t make it all about sex. Enjoy physical, non-sexual contact to establish support and a sense of closeness. 

Multi-dimensional sex can be created through increased intimacy. And if you truly foster positive connections, you have the ability to understand both yourself and your partner on a deeper level.