Work, money, schedules, life, it all distracts us from our sexual well-being and can make it seem IMPOSSIBLE to get in the mood. But one thing is for sure, stressing about sex will almost never lead to sex.

Here are some tips to help you feel confident and get in the mood, whenever you’d like to—alone or with a partner.

Think about it. If men think about sex so much, why can’t we? Take a minute a few times a day and visualize. Close your eyes and imagine what makes you feel best—you’ll be surprised at how much it can help.

Confidence is key. Put on whatever makes you feel good: sweatpants that make your butt look good or those jeans you bought during quarantine and haven’t been able to wear yet. You feel like you when you look and feel your best.

Get your blood flowing. A short workout before can enhance your endorphins and support your overall mood and stress levels.

Leverage the tease. Slow down and focus on creating moments of desire vs the end result, enjoy every sensation as it happens. Sometimes the tease throughout the day leads to more overall desire.

Take time each day to do something to fuel your desire—put it on your checklist to make sure it’s prioritized. For something easy to incorporate into your daily routine, consider adding our daily supplements, In The Mood, for an additional boost of energy and to stimulate your sexual desire and overall health.