At Rae, our community is the reason we exist. That’s why we created ‘Your Shine’—a series highlighting how our community supports their well-being throughout the day. This week, we’re sharing how Torey Schell​ shines. 

Rae customer for: 5 months​

Tell us a little bit about you. 

I am a multi-passionate woman; I work in social media, am a skincare and beauty creator, lover of dogs, hiking, and playing board games.​​​

How do you support your well-being throughout the day? ​​

I am a water drinker—probably a couple gallons each day. I also use lunch time as a time to reset, take my vitamins, reapply sunscreen and take a breather.​

Why did you start Rae? What are your go-to products? ​

I started so that I could find a holistic approach to treating my acne and overall skin health. I love Complexion and Refresh!​

What helps you feel shine? ​

Sunshine! But overall just loving myself and being able to embrace the highs and lows. Laughing at myself instead of berating myself.​

What does ‘shine from inside’ mean to you? ​

To me, ‘shine from inside’ means a mind, body, and soul approach to wellness. Shine goes through phases; sometimes darker other times brighter. Embracing both and moving forward keeps the light bright.