As a women-led company committed to supporting others, we’re honoring International Women’s Day by sharing a non-exhaustive list of women-led brands in the wellness space that we admire.

✨ BOHDA: therapeutic natural scents for you and your home
Brightland: nourishing olive oil and vinegars
Folia Collective: indoor plant store
Fur: all over body care
Hello Goldie: botanical teas
LIHA: vegan skincare
maude: modern sexual wellness essentials
Mauli Rituals: natural products for skin, hair and body
✨ Mented Cosmetics: cruelty free and vegan makeup for all women
Ode To Self: skincare
Odele: clean haircare
OSEA Malibu: vegan skincare and bodycare
✨ OUI the People: body care for the good of the people
Self Made: personal care brand
Skin Gym: self care and beauty tools
Soapply: high quality soap
SpaRitual: body care, nail care and nail colors
Spacey Studios: fine art you can afford to collect
They Call Her Alfie: natural skincare
✨ The Honey Pot: feminine care that cleanses, protects and balances your vagina
✨ The Qi: organic whole flower teas
✨ The Sill: plants delivered to your door
✨ Topicals: skincare for funner flare-ups
✨ Unsun Cosmetics: clean mineral sunscreen for people of all shades
✨ Wildhive: dance and music community

Featured image by artist Deun Ivory