Humans by nature are social creatures.  With social media, we feel like we are more connected than ever, but are we really?  Today, more Americans say they are more isolated than ever.  And we know feeling isolated and lonely can have several impacts on your well-being.  So what then, is togetherness and why is it so important for us?

Togetherness is a feeling of closeness to other people.  It unites us, gives us security, and provides much-needed support.  It promotes a sense of belonging, and encourages us to be connected and love one another.  It helps support your mind and body together by creating overall feelings of well-being, which translate into every aspect of your day.  There are a few ways you can support this feeling of closeness every day.

1. Practice self-compassion.Often, being together with just yourself can cause your mind to wander.  Remember to be kind as you’re the voice you hear the most each day.

2. Make time.  We often feel like we don’t have time for that lunch or the walk with friends as there is too much to do.  It’s important to continue to prioritize time with those most important to us.

3. Focus on what you can give.  So often, we think about what we are getting from other people and how they fill us up.  Instead, focus on what you can give to others – think about your unique gifts.  It’s amazing how this will change your view of how you can help support a sense of belonging.

4. Be consistent.  It’s important that you feel heard, and that others know you’ll be responsive.  Regularly talk to the people you want to get closer to, and remember it takes time to build long-lasting relationships.

5. Join the right group.  Whether it’s therapy, other support groups, or an outdoor club, there are so many ways to spend time consistently hearing others’ stories and getting the support we need.

After the pandemic, all of us are trying to find our way out of isolation and back to one another.  You don’t have to rush it, and you can take your time to find what feels right to you.