As a company that stands for the well-being of all, we are constantly tackling barriers that impact the minds and bodies of women.  We – along with others — have worked hard to progress conversation, content, and engagement on many stigmatized topics, including stress, sex, hormones, and others. We do this to create safe spaces for our incredible and diverse community to learn and make choices for their own well-being.

Growing out of our diversity of thought, experiences, backgrounds, and intersectionality, we have [in two years] created a community that accepts and embraces all approaches to wellness.

At Rae, we believe well-being is a series of paths you choose throughout the day, every day.  The key to meaningful well-being, though, is that your approach is your choice. You know you best, and we are here to support you.

The Supreme Court is threatening the well-being of millions of women. And as you already know, this will disproportionately harm underserved and marginalized communities. We know that this decision won’t prevent women from making their own choices but it will prevent them accessing those choices safely. Access is how societal progress is made – equal access to ideas, healthcare, education, and opportunity.

Look for more from us in coming weeks as we band together with other like-minded forces to create a better support system for our community.