Free Food Fridge Albany is a network of community fridges in Albany, New York that aims to make fresh food and produce accessible to all, especially for those in marginalized neighborhoods. Access to fresh food and produce has been an ongoing issue in the area, and has only heightened due to the pandemic. Each day, the fridges are stocked with free food by local farmers and restaurants to help fight food insecurity. We recently connected with the organization’s founder, Jammella Anderson, to learn more about the program.

We’re inspired by your organization’s mission to provide accessible nourishment. Why did you start Free Food Fridge?

We started Free Food Fridge as a response to the lack of aid presented by the government during the pandemic as well as a response to the food apartheid happening within marginalized communities. My own struggle with food insecurity and shame around public assistance inspired me to start the program.

Your efforts to nourish your community have received national recognition—how do you think about the topic of nourishment?

Nourishment is the key component of health and well-being. We need to nourish ourselves with nutrient-dense foods. Health = wealth.

How do you focus on your own well-being throughout the day while supporting so many others?

I am learning to be better about this—I often focus on the tasks I need to get done. Prioritizing my own health and eating habits is definitely a work in progress, but meal planning and actually mapping out what my days look like allows me to create a schedule to eat and to be intentional about what I consume.

You are truly an inspiration! Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

Keep spreading the word about organizations like mine, support mutual aid and spread your resources out to those in need!

To learn more about Free Food Fridge, get involved or donate, visit