Dr. Ray, ND MS

Everyone has different ways they support their wellness throughout the day. For me, its important that I have a daily wellness routine that supports me through my work, social relations and other stressors impacting my life as a Black woman and naturopathic doctor. 

Rising in the morning. I usually drink 12-16oz hot water with organic lemon and aloe vera juice, or herbal tea, to start my day before I eat.  I also try to give myself a little quiet time for meditation and/or breath-work to ease into my day and not feel stressed from the start. 

Mid to late morning. I prefer a light breakfast such as vegan protein shake, or pasture-raised eggs with veggies.  After breakfast, I take my vitamin D, vitamin C, probiotic, and daily multivitamin supplements. 

Afternoon. I continue to drink water for hydration and energy. For lunch, I fuel up with a salad, nuts and/or fruit. Sometimes I need an extra brain boost, so I take an herbal focus formula with Mucuna pruriens, Bacopa, and Yohimbe before my PM meetings. To support and balance my cycle, I also take Rae’s ReBalance Capsules, which help to offset the side effects of a busy schedule and stress on my hormones.

Evening/dinner. My partner and I always try to make a nutrient-dense supper to soothe our souls from a long day. I love veggies, so I usually eat about 2 cups on my plate with either an organic lean protein, sustainable wild-caught fatty fish/seafood or a plant-based protein such as tofu, lentils, chickpeas, or similar. 

Post-dinner/bedtime. Sometimes we take a walk after dinner for fresh air, or I will do either Kemetic yoga or dynamic stretching to release body tension from the day. Sometimes I simply watch my favorite shows to laugh and relax. I love to take Rae’s DeStress Capsules and/or use CBD Drops to slow down a busy mind and prepare for restful sleep. I aim for 8-10 hours sleep per night to feel my best.​​

Daily wellness routines can reduce risks and help prevent unwanted health issues. It’s important to change up your routine, to support the needs of your body as you age and encounter various stressors.