Women are changemakers, women are the inspirational nucleus of every facet of life.  And at Rae, women are the reason we exist.  As such, it’s important that we continue to put ourselves on the priority list by truly listening to our minds and bodies.  And this month, we are here to help you do just that.  

To celebrate YOU and the women around you, we are giving support in few ways.

1. We are bundling three of our favorite supplements to help support your overall well-being. Subscribe to our Foundational Well-being Set to help support your unique needs each month.

2. We are giving away five (5) one-year-supplies of our favorite products throughout the month.  Look for opportunities in our Instagram feed over the next 30 days.

3. We will be discussing all things female – periods, hormones, vaginal health and other topics that impact YOU.

4. We are celebrating female artists, musicians, experts, and our community of women.

Together, let’s spend March enjoying and celebrating our womanhood.  Because our collective diversity is what makes us an incredible community of changemakers.