Research shows that art can help to relieve stress and relax your mind. To help spread positivity and inspiration, we collaborated with artists to create artwork reflecting what our motto—Shine from the inside out—means to them.

This week, we connect with artist Viscaya Wagner.

Tell us a little bit about you.

I’m a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Brooklyn, New York. ​I have my BFA in Studio Art with a focus in Printmaking and Graphic Design from The University of Vermont. And some of my past clients include Facebook, REI, WeWork and Adidas.

My work is primarily motivated by human nature; our instincts, our relationship to the natural world and our relationship to others, which is why Rae Wellness felt like such a natural partner. I hope my work brings joy, comfort, inspiration or motivation to participate in this world in a meaningful way!

What does ‘Shine from the inside out’ mean to you?

To me, ‘Shine from the inside out’ means to nourish all aspects of yourself. If you feed your heart, mind, body and soul that energy will radiate out into the world. In my piece I tried to convey a sense of patience and balance, some things I strive for in my personal wellness.

How do you support your wellness throughout the day? What does wellness mean to you?

Practicing self care has become very important to me in managing anxiety and promoting general wellness. I find morning routines to be really helpful in setting the tone for the day, so I start with a glass of lemon water, stretching for my back pain, and 10 minutes of meditation if I’m able. My partner and I love to cook, so winding down the day with a beautiful meal makes me feel nourished and relaxed. Walking, pilates, time with friends, making work, chocolate, reading and Netflix are also all very helpful. I think wellness is very personal, so everyone should find the things or practices that help them feel grounded and supported.

Why were you excited to partner with Rae?

I believe in holistic wellness and supporting emotional health, not just physical, so I was eager to partner with a brand who promotes those values and brings such energy to women’s health.

What are your favorite Rae products?

I take the  Multivitamin and the Hydration Drops in the morning. Wellness, for me, is about balance, so I love getting nourishment for body, mind and beauty all in one place.

What was your process in creating this piece of artwork?

I’ve found that there are many ways I enjoy workingsometimes ideas come instantly and I jump right into the piece, and other times it takes a lot of sketching and exploration. I am working hard on being less attached to my ideas and the things I makesomething that doesn’t come naturally. My sketchbook has become a free place to play around and work through ideas without worrying about the final product. Once I have some concepts worked out, I generally bring my designs into the computer where I work on color and the composition until it feels right. My projects vary so muchmurals, digital illustrations, paintings, packagingso the way everything comes into fruition varies, but the intention and gratification is always the same!

We’d love to hear what Shine from the Inside Out means to you—let us know in the comments!

* Artist curated by Spacey