Research shows that art can help to relieve stress and relax your mind. To help spread positivity and inspiration, we collaborated with artists to create artwork reflecting what our motto—shine from inside—means to them.

This week, we connect with artist Stephanie DeAngelis.

Tell us a little bit about you.

I became an artist because illustration is a way in which I can express my interests and interpretations of the world around me. I started drawing at a very young age and have used it as a means of expression throughout my life.

How do you support your well-being throughout the day?

I carve out time to go on walks with my dog and leave my phone at home.

Why were you excited to partner with Rae? 

It’s important to find products that help you feel your best and don’t use harmful ingredients. I’m loving Rae’s Immunity Drops because I want to help out my immune system as much as I can with all the stressors around us nowadays.

What does ‘shine from inside’ mean to you?

To me, ‘shine from inside’ means nourishing yourself physically, emotionally and creatively. By doing so, the love you share with yourself radiates outward. I feel shine when I spend time in nature, because I believe it is crucial to connect with the earth, both for our own well-being but also to cultivate a desire to protect our planet and those persons who are working hard to do so.