Research shows that art can help to relieve stress and relax your mind. To help spread positivity and inspiration, we collaborated with artists to create artwork reflecting what our motto—shine from inside—means to them.

This week, we connect with artist Jocelyn Tsaih.

Tell us a little bit about you.

I’m an illustrator currently based in Oakland but originally from Taipei and Shanghai. I aim to create work that expresses universally shared feelings and emotions. I like to work in a variety of mediums, such as digital illustration, painting, and mural making, but most of my work features amorphous figures that are meant to embody the spirit of all beings.

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness personally means maintaining a healthy balance between my mind and body. Being aware of and acknowledging how I’m feeling, both mentally and physically, provides me a sense of wellness. On a day to day basis, I support my wellness by having small routines. I like to start the day by eating breakfast and having tea in the sunny spot on my couch. On days that I wake up feeling more burnt out than others, I’ll start the day with a guided meditation. I remind myself to take breaks when I’m having full work days, like getting up from my desk to tend to another task or run an errand. On weekends I’ll try to focus my energy away from screens and move around more or work with my hands.

Why were you excited to partner with Rae? What are your favorite Rae products?

I was excited to partner with Rae because it’s inspiring to see a brand dedicated to helping women feel and do their best. Not only through the products but also through their partnership with Girls Inc. and contributing portions of proceeds to the organization. I also love how the products help with different aspects of mental and physical health. I’ve recently been having trouble sleeping and the Sleep Capsules have given me restful nights. I’m excited to try the ReBalance Capsules since I tend to get every PMS symptom possible each month. I hope I can say goodbye to cramps and headaches!

What does ‘shine from inside’ mean to you? How did this come through in your artwork?

To me, ‘shine from inside’ means my inner self and physical being existing as a whole instead of being separate entities. The artwork I created is based on the feeling of peace when we surround ourselves with the energy that we bring forth from inside out.