Research shows that art can help to relieve stress and relax your mind. To help spread positivity and inspiration, we collaborated with artists to create artwork reflecting what our motto—shine from inside—means to them, and will be sharing the outcome in the weeks ahead.

This week, we connect with artist Ashley Mary.

Tell us a little bit about you.

I’m Ashley Mary. I’m an artist, muralist and designer. My mediums are acrylic paintings and collage. My work is an exploration of shape, color and patterns as they translate in scale to paper, to canvas, to walls. I’m a collector and arranger by nature, an element of surprise is important to my process (I only plan so much). I try to make sure my work feels a little like play, to me and to the viewer.

How do you support your wellness throughout the day?

I’m not a creature of habit really, I thrive best when every day can look a little different so supporting my wellness looks a bit different every day for me too. The core of what I aim for in wellness is usually the same though. I’ve come to learn that to feel and function my best when I get good sleep, movement (love to run, also a talented walker), time in my studio to make, vegetables, alone time, vitamins, one solid latte and ideally a moment outside. I have a lot of second tier ways to support my wellness too based off my feels. Sometimes that Netflix, writing, crying, connecting with a pal, soft serve and therapy.

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness to me is the daily practice of paying attention and responding with care to your mind, body, heart and spirit’s needs. I think it’s a balance of both anticipating your needs, listening to them as they come and then tending to them as best you can with the resources you have.

Why were you excited to partner with Rae?

Admittedly I can lean into being a work horse so taking care of myself can be on the back burner when I’m my busiest. I’ve long dabbled in simple vitamins but never committed to the practice very well, I was a rookie gummy vitamin kinda gal (that sweet sugary coating…). With Rae products, I feel more confident in what I’m putting in my body (thanks ingredient list!) and in making that a part of my morning routine, I now start my day feeling a bit more empowered knowing I invested a moment to care for my self before diving into the craziness that is life. It’s a self high-five moment. This is one wellness practice I can manage even on my crazy days, making sure my body has the nutrients it needs. I appreciate Rae’s voice around how real women can care for themselves in realistic ways. The variety of product is proof we all need different support at different times, one size doesn’t work for every body. And damn I’m a sucker for good products in beautiful packaging!

What are your favorite Rae products?

Hydration Drops, living up north my skin is drier than a desert. And Beauty Drops! In my mid-30s, I’m now more than ever noticing how my skin and hair are changing. I have mixed-emotions about it to be honest! On a good day, I want to be really present and inviting to it all and the Beauty Drops help me move in that direction.

What does ‘shine from inside’ mean to you?

How you care for your inside self (body, mind, heart, and spirit) will inherently reflect outwardly. Put love in, let love out.

How did this come through in the artwork?

The two circles are mirrors of each other: inside/outside. The polka dots are a symbol of internal energy and movement that supports our outside self (circle on top). All the shapes nestled around the top circle are part of life’s balance and all the practices that support our wellness (many vs one).

Images by Graham Tolbert