At Rae, our community is the reason we exist. That’s why we created ‘Your Shine’—a series highlighting how our community supports their well-being throughout the day. This week, we’re sharing how Angi Connell shines. 

Rae customer for: 1.5 years ​

Tell us a little bit about you. ​

I am an abortion experience counselor with Exhale, and an LMHC working primarily with underserved, reentry, and justice-impacted populations. Using a social justice driven approach, I seek to empower clients to heal from trauma. Currently, I work for several reentry organizations, as well as contract with correctional departments to ensure equity in access to mental health care, as well as creating sustainable programs for the communities I serve. Additionally, I work for a non-profit reentry workforce development foundation, Human Works, assisting justice-impacted individuals in creating sustainable futures. I love running (marathon finally completed), hiking, rock climbing, dogs, talking for hours with anyone ANYWHERE, crafting, and cooking!​​

How do you support your well-being throughout the day? ​​

Reframing, running, taking my Rae vitamins, basking in the sun, hugging my dogs, fostering, and hugging myself while I say positive affirmations!

Why did you start Rae? What are your go-to products? ​

As a 36 year old woman, I realized how much my skin, body, and wellness had shifted. What worked at 23 was not working at 33. This created a space of exploration, and after discovering Rae, I thought I hit the magic elixir! Now that I am almost 37, I have had to shift the cocktail of Rae that I take, and it’s been such a connected, holistic experience. The Rae supplements I take are Complexion Capsules, Rebalance Capsules, Multivitamin Capsules, Pre + Probiotic Capsules, and DeStress Capsules! 

What helps you feel shine? ​

My Rae cocktail, water, the sun, realizing I am broken, but healed, that I am love, and I am still allowed to create the life I want. It also does not hurt to have an incredibly passionate and open sex life, with seasons of desire and intimacy that are SO darn good!

What does ‘shine from inside’ mean to you? ​

It represents the ability to cultivate peace, joy, love, emotion, smiles, hugs, empathy, compassion: whatever that looks like for you- and share it with the world.