At Rae, our community is the reason we exist. That’s why we created ‘Your Shine’—a series highlighting how our community supports their well-being throughout the day. This week, we’re sharing how Allie Aparicio shines. ​​

Rae customer forLess than a year

Tell us a little bit about you. 

I am an artist based in Los Angeles. I do my best to live a sustainable lifestyle and my wellness journey is just beginning! I enjoy having a routine where I can make time for myself. Taking my vitamins/supplements is a necessary step in my day to day because I feel less tired and my mood instantly transforms and I can look towards my day with a positive mindset.

How do you support your well-being throughout the day? 

I constantly check in with myself and make sure I’m getting fresh air and lots of water. Recently, I have been struggling with lots of anxiety and stress. I try to remind myself it’s okay if I’m not 100% all the time and focus my thoughts towards the things that I love and matter to me the most. I love ending my day with lighting some candles and drinking something yummy with adaptogens to fully relax and unwind.

Why did you start Rae? What are your go-to products? 

I was interested in Rae because most of their products are targeting the things I wanted to work on for myself. Trying to rebalance my moods and make time for me and my mental and physical well-being. The products I have been loving are the Vegan Collagen Boost and Immunity supplements.

What helps you feel shine? 

Doing what I love the most makes me shine. Listening to my favorite song, drawing and escaping into my own world, being out in the sun, laughing with the people I love the most. I shine in those moments.

What does ‘shine from inside’ mean to you? 

To me, ‘shine from inside’ means that sparkle that everyone has, what makes me you feel joy. When you see someone’s eyes light up because they are focusing on the present moment, they’re glowing.